Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday celebration

4th July 2009 Sunny Day

Elaine birthday's celebration
5th of July is Elaine birthday.but,we celebrate it on a early day.
I feel very happy because they spent their valuable time with me...
Girls and boy, thanks a lot...

family photo ---Front ( Elaine , Kamilah, and Kamilah boyfriend)
---Back ( Yang Yang and Abby)

Elaine with Car_Car

Group photo ( Yang Yang, Abby, Kamilah, Kamilah's boyfriend)
( Elaine, Michelle , Sharon, Car_car)

Elaine and Seng Seng

Elaine's birthday cake (7 Slides with 6 flavour :chocolate banana, chocolate chip walnut, oreo cheese, lemon cheese,mango delight and tiramisu)

Elaine with Yang Yang

Kamilah, Elaine and Abby

Elaine and Abby

Kamilah and Elaine

Elaine and Sharon

Michelle and Elaine

Cake from mother

Romantic nei....

Gift from Yang Yang ( A book : Titled : Twilight)
**I have watched the movie before, and found it interesting.
Well,I have saw this book in bookstore and wished to buy it soon.
Quite surprise when I receive This gift...
Oh god, how he knows that I wanted it???

Gift from Michelle ( a blue pen with small card written "Elaine --She always keeps her promises)
** I will keep my promises --never forget all my friends :p

The pen with "Elaine" on it.
** I like it.

Gift also from Michelle
** after i wear it then I'll post it online.

Gift from college friends

Consist of one chocolate bar

And also a bear

Gift from Sharon

Gift from Sharon also

Gift and card from Nitha

Is a decoration

and also a cup

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