Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

This year doesn’t celebrate much about CNY,
coz grandma passed away not yet 1 year…
So this year our “TUAN YUAN FAN” ate at aunt house..
Walau, she really think that we,the LIEW families can eat a lot,
To 20+ people, she cooked it for 50+……
OMG,at the end, all “ta bao” go home la…

Then the 1st day we when to mother side grandma house
coz we doesn’t go to “ba nian” like usual
oh goodness, I done quite a lot of new things at there,
Bahau, Seremban…

Yum Cha
Go to Bp yumcha on the 1st day with 豪,君,康and峰
Discover that 峰峰 have a online shop, selling mask,
After that, go home and take a pack and used it,(hehe, FOC gei)

YuM Cha 2
Go to little Genting in Bahau on 2nd day with豪,君,康and俊
峰峰go for gambling at friends house,
Well, at the midway, 俊俊go to fetch his GF come…. Lol

**usually when I back to Bahau, I’ll never go out at night,
But this year onward, I think I will, coz I over 18 liao…

豪豪turned bad already, he started smoking,
maybe influence by his dad,who is a heavy smoker
any how, I wishes he will stop it as soon as possible,
coz smoking not good for health…
anyway, I will not tell his dad,this is our promise

Last year just drank a sip of wine, this year drank a cup lei,
Around 300 ml… (haha)
As a consequence, I drunk,
Vomit all the things that I had ate for dinner,
Head dizzy like hell, and then fall in sleep on the sofa.

U know,Bahau finally have cinema, namely CNX
We go there watched All WELL ENDS WELL
Popo so happy, she didn’t watch movie long time already….

Wau, Bahau now undergoes transforming, have their own karaoke also,
Name as Kiara karaoke,
It charge different from KL, is hourly based,
Small room=rm30, medium=rm50, large =rm70
Thought wanna try sing K at there, but both day also fully book,
Damp it…

Well, thatall for my New year in this few day,
Bore isn’t it,
At least I feel so…..

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