Saturday, February 20, 2010

movie + JJ

Yesterday went Leisure Mall to watch 72 tenant,

Walau, 1st time knowing that got so many people watching movie at there,

Usually there very quite and easy to buy tickets,

But yesterday hoh, really full lol,

We reach there at 2.00pm, the tickets for 2.30pm sold off,

4.30pm left front 2 row, while 8.30pm gei left front 3 row…

What to do, just sit in front and watch la,caused my neck pain already,

Hm…talk about the movie,

Well, it is typical a Hong Kong movie,

Full with #@$%^*,not really like it,

Anyway, the plot is quite funny,

Chines New Year ma, need laugh a lot… (haha)

Oh ya, while waiting for the movie,

We go popular to passed our time,

And I found JJ latest CD,finally,

I so happy and then bought it.

My mum said me crazy coz I’m too excited,

Aiyo, she can’t understand,

I already waited this CD for about 2 months nei….

Yeah yeah yeah, JJ 万岁…….




I want to watch the Soldier, got LEE HOM one,

Who want to join???

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