Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly Diary

Bloggie,long time didn’t give you a fresh image le,miss me ma?

Lol,do you know,my problem already settle le,

So now I and him,the Q Pumkin King that is not so cute couple le,

How can it be,rite?

Anyway,it is true.

Both of us on when watching a movie,the “Daybreakers”,

About vampires huh,damp scary,

Luckily he is there,so you und la…..

Hehe,it is on Tuesday (30/3)


He announce the news to our fellow friends,

Actually I didn’t expect the announcement to be made so fast,

So I get a little shocked and stunned,

Luckily he answered most of the “unreasonable”questions,

Haiz,this are the difficulties we have to face when dealing with

Law and economics students…

Don’t believe? I give you example….

· Who is the supply or who is the demand?

· Who made the offer and who is acceptance?

· Is there any invitation to treat?.....

( Jake had make a recording, ask the video from him for more detail)

luckily,there still have some layman questions that I can understood

Ie:when,where,how we can start……

Anyway,thanks for all the care and blessing from all of you……


It is April fools,many of them like Joanne,Kim and so forth

change their relationship status to fool others,

lol, they have fun but I suffer nei,

you know why,because those who not in HQ when we making the announcement

don’t believe we are together,

till Tuesday (6/4),still have people curious about our relationship,

haiz, should I be happy or sad?

Friday (2/4)

Final Friday that I have holiday,coz next week onward,

Friday have eco class as well,

So I just enjoying my day at home,

Facebooking for few hours,

Then watching dramas,then sleep….

So enjoy…

Saturday (3/4)

Woke up late le, so also late to wake him up,

Make him late to class,so sorry tim,

But I not fully responsible for his late,

coz he had went for breakfast with his dad

anyway, I didn’t enjoy my day much,

need to study eco,preparing for Tuesday class,

Sun (4/4)

4th of April, my Yuet Yen da jie birthday,

Go to sing K for celebration,

Lol,don’t know why when I’m with them,

I have more gut to sing,compare to with college friends

Hehe,maybe because my relationship with secondary friends are closer….

After sang k,we went for sushi at Sushi King,

Lol, da jie wanna eat ma,so we go lo,

Haha,I think da jie very happy lo,coz she eat quite a lot also,

At least it is inaporpriate to her size…..

Hehe,just kidding….

**for picture purpose,can view my in profile,S.ying already tag me

Oh ya, actually after celebration with my friends,

I’ll go for dinner with Kean Hoe gei,

for sure there are others also la,like Marcus, Daniel and Ernest

but kean hoe fall sick le, so cancel our plan….

Hopefully illness fast fast go away,

Don’t torture him….

Monday (5/4)

Having accounting class like usual,but I can told you it was the suckest class ever,

Class started late due to the students,so I didn’t blame on the lecturer,

He giving us a short break around 11 am….

Then at 11 something give us a 30 minutes breaks,

The the class resume,and we just go through few pages,

And you know what he said : “

The sources of finance you already learn in Business Studies rite

(WTH,only 1 or 2 of us study that subject as well,ok?!),so you all

Just have to read through my note,all information is inside there.

Oh ya,by the way, it is 12pm already, I had to go for my lunch, you know we have

To eat our meal on time, so we have another 30minutes, see you all later.”

WTF, I’m so angry about his attitude, it is funny for him to give us so many unreasonable

Break time,so I just left the class and study at main block.

Lol, I’m not the only one that fluctuate to his act,

Dennise and Mei Shi also,our only differences is they went home and I stayed in college….

Hate it hate it hate it hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya, Kean Hoe really sick lei,till he can’t come to college…..

Another sad case..

Tuesday (6/4)

Eco Section A discussion,walau, Sir Aria really go through it very fast,

But still can follow up la,coz I got study a little bit wer,hehe

At night, I didn’t went home for dinner, coz I’m having dinner with KH

At BBQ plaza in Timesquare,for our 1 week anniversary,hehe

Hopefully we can celebrate our 10th weeks,100 days,…..also in the future

Oh ya,discover meaning for BFF today,

Rather than normal for Best Friend Forever,it can be interpret as

BoyFriend Forever and BoyFriend’s Friends..

Haha,I prefer the latter…

Wednesday (7/4)

Just found time to write down my little dairy in my bloggie,haha

Today morning class is suck suck suck,

I told before our Moral lecturer is immoral rite?

He didn’t turned up for class today,without telling the staff to inform us,

So all the hardworking students like us who attend his class

have been waited there stupidly, wasting time only…..

Lesson fo the day, world is unfair,

Hardwoking students is stupid coz been fooled

Not so hardworking one is clever coz escaped from being fool,

So,what should be chosen?

Lol, now time showing 12.50am le, sleepy now,

So just stop here la,

Nite nite,

missing you,


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