Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week full of trauma

Long time didn’t log in to update my little blog,
Bloggie, how are you? Miss your master ma?

Last week not a happy week,
Coz have to go through a lot of trauma,
Confidence level had been hard heavily….
Motivation is low, so become not so productive in this weekend..

Had my Business Studies mock test on Monday,
Same problem again, didn’t finish my paper,
Loss total 36marks on that,what the hell
Am I a snail? If not how come I can write so slow ???
Some more, I did wrong for my investment appraisal
Perhaps due to my over-confidence on that……
HAiz, feeling down about it,
So skip night class and join Marcus them to nearby Kelana Jaya,
Have ‘shark fin noodles”, feeling better then…
(hehe, yummy)

Tuesday was Marcus birthday,
I didn’t join Kean Hoe them to surprise Marcus in the early morning,
What a loss, I heard it was fun…

Opps, giving presentation for Moral studies,
About “is it moral to tell a lie ?”
I’m so afraid,because those new intake will ask various stupid questions,
Luckily tell just asked one,hehe, escaped from torturing..
At night,
College have arrange Miss Eunice to give us revision on Tort essay question,
Tell the truth, although I understand what she talking about,
But I have no idea on it at all,
The cases that she named like an alien for me,
I wonder what I had study so far, nothing,
So I just sitting there and blur,
Want to cry soon……
How I can pass the exam….haiz

Thursday is contract class again, they alter the timetable,
Because some students prefer to stay home study,
Or they simply dislike MR.Kumar,
Quite a number of them doesn’t turned up,
So Mr.Kumar just gave us a time test,
And he allowed us refer to his note,
Damn it, I forgot to bring it,so have to shared with Chew Theng,
So inconvenience, sorry Chew Theng,no next time,
Did three time test on problem questions,
8,13,and 10 marks over 25marks each,
Not even reach half……some more is open test,
Haiz…….sad case….
Believe me, although some get even low mark than I did,
It shouldn’t say my result is acceptable,
Since there are students getting much more higher,
So why can’t I ?????

Having Economies exam on Friday,
But didn’t well prepare,
Feeling so so so stress on that morning,
Coz those new intake really noisy,
Both of us (Chew Theng) really be irritated,
Wished miss Sunbeam to come out to scold them,
But she never…. ( disappointed)
Afternoon prior exam started,
Kimberly told us that we’ll have two MCQ questions,
Feeling so happy,coz I’m not yet ready for essay questions,
I knew I get 24/30 for the 1st one,quite high is it?
But it not my target anyway,so still felt depress,
I now worry for my another paper…..

****feel sorry to Bao Bei, coz busy on my study,
Didn’t spend much time with you,
Wait till me finish my exam, then we go out together ya….
I know you got read my blog….hehe…muackz….

Get better after two day break,
Kiss and love,

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