Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mock test? Exam? Aiyoyo

OOOOooooo,blog dead

What to do, busy ma….. (hehe)

Exam is around the corner, really near the corner

Just have one weeks left,(haiz)

Haven’t study yet, get shock in Miss Meera class,

Coz dun remember almost all cases…… (stress)

Haven’t done my “Hong Kong Fir Shipping” essay yet, (lazy)

Will do it tomorrow…..

Monday (yesterday la) having my accounting paper 4 mock test,

Hell, time management problem again, didn’t finish the paper,

Lost one third of mark again, die lo, like this how to exam oooo…..

Need to re-examine my time management

Today get back my Economics Paper 3,

One set get 24, and another get 21.

Should be happy or not?

But got people get 27 and even full mark lei,

Elaine Elaine , wake up !!!!!!

Exam is really really NEAR, my dear…..


Doesn’t have much to write, coz feeling isolate,

Stay away from crowd, stay away from computer,

Stay away from many many people and things

Coz I know my situation or “pi qi” (脾气)

I’m poor in stress control, I’ll lost my temper easily,

Or in other words, easy to feel fluctuated or irritated,

So people, warning already be given,

Bear your own risk…… (hehe, exclusion clause)

Sorry Kean Hoe, for being the 1st victim…….

Compensate you after my exam…..

We go for gai gai, movie or sing k…..

Hehe, then your turn for exam…. ^^

People, let we gambateh together now…..

After exam, we go happy happy….. hehe…..


Haven't study for exam yet,

But start thinking of celebration after this,


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