Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aiyo, long time didn’t visit my bloggie,
Because its owner very busy and lazy recently,(haha)
A2 is over, (hehe,happy happy, ^^)
Anyway, my A2 suck,
Especially my law paper,
My brain blank during contract paper, (sad case isn’t it)
Hopefully my AS result can push up overall marks.
Oh ya, I love my Business paper very much,
Finally this time I can finish it, (hehe)
At least the last question I got write some points rather than left it empty…..

Sat and Sun have to work,
Work as trialing specialist, (in other word is promoter la)
Haven’t find any full time work yet,
Still haven’t decides whether want to study full or part time for LLB
Haiz…..anyone has any suggestion?
Maybe will find a day back to college,
Asking about all the fee and possible timetable,
Then only discuss with mum,
But hoh,very lazy to step out from my house,
So how? (haha)
Enjoy 1st la……..

Today woke up at ten,
Sleep for ten hours as well,
Long time didn’t sleep over 6 hours nei,
So I really really enjoy it,hehe
Sleep like this ho,I will become pig soon,
Maybe during this holiday I will gain weight further….

Haiz, suddenly miss college time nei,
Coz can meet with friends,
Joke all around and study together,
Anyway, we can meet when LLb start,
But “we” will exclude some la,
Like Nicole and junior and some others,
Coz they will transfer to other college/universities
Hm……don’t think too much la.
Going to bath now,tata,
Log on here soon…….

just finish my game
currently in holiday mood
don't ask me study now...

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