Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just finish bathing,today work for a day,feeling quite tire,

Today met with Y.yen and her bro, she shocked to see me working there

Haha,this reaction is what I predicted,

Shocked to see an ex-shoolmate working as a promoter in supermarket!!

Some more she the one good in academic…..

Hehe,actually I didn’t predicted will met them there so early,

It my 1st day worked in Jusco nei……

Anyway,I didn’t hit my target,hehe

The people crazy,usually people only serve 200 trial per day,

But I have to serve 400 trial per day,crazy is it?

So I just try my best,hehe,I’m ok gema,coz I didn’t pay for the food……^^

Today saw quite a number of my junior junior junior nei,

A lot of kids is from Naam Kheung,my primary school lei,

Got a feeling like telling them : “hey,I’m uyour senior !!!!”

Hehe,by the way,one of my colleague is from there as well,

Hm… I should call him senior ???

Yesterday went out with bao bei Kean hoe,

We sang k, watched movie and sang k till night,

Pity him,coz we almost walked the whole sungei wang and BB plaza,

Bao bei leg sure very pain already,since he had sport almost every day…..

Oh ya, yesterday discussed with my sis,

I asked her that should I go for one more jobs and she said should

But because my current job need training on Tuesday,

It made me hard to find a “normal” full time jobs,( that mean weekday full time la)

Coz I feel this jobs quit good and can even work for it when LLB start,

So not really want to forgone it,

So now got two alternative,

I. Go to find a part time tutor work, this are more a line with mine academic level (coz more or less I’m already an A-level students ,ok?! ), but this require own transportation, as not all the students will live near my place.

II. Go back to Parkson, previously work there before so got a little experience, and can mek full use of my black pants and shoes…may even the white shirt….. but it not a line with academic level and not really help in my study….

Aiyo,so “fan”, go work will affect the time leave for leisure and with Bao bei,

Not work then I might too bore to stay home for 3 months and earn less…..

I myself dun know either substitute or income effect will be greater……

If work then further “fan” that two alternative…..

Haiz………. It look like a decision tree,

But I dun know the monetary value for those decisions…….

Useless theory…….


Fan fan fan fan fan fan….


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