Friday, July 9, 2010


Well,It was days since last post,

Hehe,I have to announce that I’m entered into 19 years old,

Yup,officially, on Monday.

Ho ho ho, I getting older and older.

Hopefully I can be mature, have a better body shape, characteristic……(blah blah blah)

On Sunday,I’m actually have work,

so I thought that I’ll just stay at home and waiting the time,

tit-tat,tit-tat and then become 19.

Somehow, someone really make me a surprise,

When I’m busy introducing the product to customer,

I suddenly saw a slim guy who has a soft spiking hair, wearing my flavor colour shirt,

Stood straight in front of me……

That is he—my lovely Kean Hoe,

Make me feel so touching,

Thank you bao bei,

For all the things you have done,so many and so much….

Muackz muackz… ya….

By the way, I want to thanks my others friends like :-

Daniel –the 1st person sms me,

Meister Yadayada—the 1st person wishing me at FB,

Marcus –the only person wish me through call ,and

Zhan Yit – the only person wish me via msn….

**Walau, all the 1st and only also guy…..sigh

**seen like I’m quite have ‘yi xing yuan’(shh…..later Kean Hoe jealous)

Have to thanks others as well like See wei, Nicole, Y.Yen, .S.ying…..

And some my secondary friends who I didn’t meet for so long like Ming yee and Car_car

(list name of girls now….to balance it…hehe)

All your wishes I’m very appreciate about it, TQTQ

For remember my birthday although we currently not meet so often…..

Thanks ya, and give you all a hug as a return…. (bao bao)

****Later go out with BAO BEi,to watch twilight saga—Eclipse,getting excited now….

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