Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a piece of reminder

Last post on 6 Sep,
Walau, I really left my blog too long le,
let it conquer by spider again,
"Spider spider, go away, I'll take back my throne on this land,I'll be hardworking, I'll update my blog more often"
~~~Elaine on 22/10/2010, 11:31pm

What I've done recently ya?!

-- have some arguments with my ex.....
-- lost a friend / sister
-- learn not to treat friends as BFF
( sure got some exception la, like Chew Theng, Sharon and Michelle)
-- discovered some ugly truth
(but it no longer make me feel hurt )
-- learn that although my name is LAI YEE, but in fact,it is lie-ee
( don't want to be a fool again, must learn to be smart)

-- college life start again, my most flavor subject is contract law, public law,criminal law,and the least flavor is CLR
-- done my 1st assignment for my degree
-- attend tutorial
( oh gosh, I should train my confident,if not......(scare scare )

-- attend my bao bei's cousin sister's wedding
( OMG, now most of his relatives had known / seen me, tension lei )

-- go for badminton

(yeh yeh, my skill getting better and better, at least my accuracy is gaining)

-- working

(might stop soon, coz got class on SAT)

-- sing K with friends
-- talked too much nonsenses, make people surround me (mostly Chew Theng and Qian Yi la) laugh like crazy women (haha)

-- applied
(after I get it, then will go to college almost daily gela )

That all for my passed months,
it just like a memo or notes,
to remind me what had happening.
A month, is too long,many things had happened,
Whether it is significant or not,
It is influenced me directly and indirectly.

My blog is not make to entertain my readers,
if you feel offenced, boring or what else,
just close the tab,
I didn't point any weapon on you to read it.
So don't ever ask me to delete my post to entertain someone who you said he/she felt sad but in fact in a very happy mood after trip. ( RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!!)
The post posted by someone in FB and my chat box also make me feel sad, then why won't you ask someone to delete it.
It deem unfair,I've my freedom to express myself too.
Tolerance have it limitation, and it burst after lies and lies.
If you felt disappointed, then I feel sorry for you, because you thought you have such qualification to disappoint,but actually you not.

Go through all the things,
Does it make me growth?
I've no idea,
What I want is simple,
stay with my bao bei,
forget all the unhappy,
welcome the joy,
and work hard for future.
~~ Elaine

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