Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CLR + randomness

Today having CLR class again,
tutorial was suck, coz not really und what she was talking about.
Luckily later in lecture class is better,
at least I knew she was teaching JP. (haha)
Chew theng said "now, she's talking human language" (evil laugh again)
oh ya, her assignment I'm not yet proceed,

Today have random conversation with Caitlyn
which make me think she is a funny girl though she didn't seem to be.
E : Where're my pencil and eraser?
C :Where you put it?
E : On the table.
(later I found it in my bag)
C : Why you keep them in your bag?
E : I didn't !!!! They hide into it by themselves.
C : Why they hide into it?
E : coz they feel cold la~~
C : How come you know they cold?
E : They told me de, if you not believe,then ask them la...
C : (look at my pencil and eraser ) Are you cold?
E : T_T"' <<<< (zha dao)

**aiyo, it is not so funny when putting in words, you should look at
Caitlyn expression.She look serious when she asked my pencil and eraser. It seem like she believe them to answer her question.

****Just now randomly help one of my friends from INTI for her assignment. She study Business, but for GOD know reason, her assignment is on criminal law.
(I expected it will question on Business law / company law/ contract law/ International law tim)
It is question about euthanasia, how M'sia regard it, should it be legalized, and based on the case of Miss B(2002), stated whether the courts courage or discourage euthanasia.
hm... I never touch on this issue nei, so just help her find some info and give my opinion la. Hopefully it is correct.

Bao Bei still at outside,
with phone run out of battery,
hopefully he'll reach home soon.
Miss him miss him miss him,
By the way,
tomorrow class canceled,
can go for gai gai with him,
excited now.

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