Saturday, November 13, 2010


Recently really nothing much to write about,or maybe I started to hide or avoid all the things happened around?
I've no idea.

Last week,during the Deepavali break, I went to Genting with my lovely Bao Bei,
yup,only 2 of us, feel like going for honeymoon...
have a sweet memory there,but so sad,
we, in the effort of ensuring our bag as light as possible had compromised the need to bring a didn't take any "quality" pic nei.......... T_T
huh,next time must remember to bring it...

Then Friday to Sunday, i went Pavillion to work as part-time promoter for Crabtree & Evelyn, selling skin and handcare product.....
haha,my hand now become better,coz I tried most of their hand lotion and hand cream products where tester is available. My hand had "immerse' in the sea of lotion and cream for 3 days, so happy.
Another happy thing is that my wage for day is around RM100++, include commission la, working time is about the same length with trial sampling de. So if next time I want a part time work, sure I'll ask this company 1st.hehe, I'm money-minded.

On Monday, I cried.
Coz people around me, most of them already get their materials from UOL,but mines still still in nowhere.
Remembered last month college had called,but I'm in class. During break time i called them and they said the will check and called me backed later. One week passed, no call no sms. I went to office and asked a new staff whether my materials reached? She so lazy to double check the storeroom, and relied on her own uncompleted list. She make me felt disappointed. On Monday, coz it was too stressful for failing to track my materials and for Ms Nalina's class, I'm brokedown. But it just last awhile when a senior staff, who was the one called me, found my materials in the storeroom. What a relieve huh.
Aiyo, the college system really problematic la,make me so worry. Shouldn't they checked the timetable 1st before calling the student to ensure they not busy attending classes? Shouldn't they called again or follow up when the called had not taken? Shouldn't the new staff to be taught to become much more hardworking, friendly and efficient in their works?
I'm wonder ??????

For CLR, really a nightmare.Because of Ms.Meera not around, contract class had been replaced by CLR class temporary. Now I understood the feeling of attending Ms. Nalina's class twice in a week, it is terrible. I'm felt sorry and pity to UKT students,coz they even worst, apart from CLR, Criminal Law also under her...
For me, although I already attend 1 to 2 months classes on CLR, till now, I still in mist. I don't know what she want, and I can't really understand and get the points that she tried to deliver. (this statement make with the assumption that she is lecturing and not bluffing, though I feel it more toward the latter, =D ). If this gonna to continue, there are only 3 possibilities, I'll pass my subject with only few marks to spare ; I'll failed my subject ; or I'll get insane....

That day my bao bei asked me why I didn't join the others for fun? Coz he saw me just sitting at the corner and do nothing. Sometimes, I think he can't understand what I'm thinking about. There obviously already had an established group,it is not that I don't want to join, but there are barriers and no vacancy available. Even if I join, I'll be the one to leave behind. So, I'm decided to act as a complement, when they need me, I join, when they don't, I'll take care of myself. It's ok, I wont feel sad or what, just BAO BEI, dun worry me ya.

This weekend didn't have any job to work on so just stay at home. Tomorrow ( Sunday ) will have to clean my desk and shelves to put on my new books. And, i'll wrap most if not all of them. Getting busy tomorrow.

I want to buy a phone, decided to purchase Nokia N-900. hehe, now waiting my sis back from trip, coz have to get the phone from her friend, can get distributor price nei. much more what to do? Just wait la.....

Just write something to
supplement my gold fish memory,
It has nothing new,
just my activities and grievances,
And Elaine still the same Elaine.

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