Saturday, November 27, 2010


Opps, i'm didn't come to visit my lovely bloggie for so so so long time again. Pai Seh nei,busy recently, I'll tell bloggie bloggie what i've busy on...

On 14th, My elder sis and I went for Uniqlo for shopping. Aiyo,she very random gela, before raining busy online, when rain heavily only want prepare to go.Haiz... thought can purchase 1 or 2 pieces of clothes there,coz saw many people queue up there previously. unfortunately, it is not my style.

Then we went to, at there, my sis bought 2 jeans and around 7 pieces of clothes. SWT.... she use money like pouring water,hehe, but she also got bought 1 shirt to me la. If not you think i'll go out so long with her meh, damn bore...

Then we went to T-Bowl (马桶世界) for dinner. Thought I'll be serve with food look like "shit" or "urine",but luckily the food there very presentable and quite delicious nei.... Thanks my sis again for dinner....haha

Menu (there is a toothbrush on it, so cute~~)

sit on it? feel like in toilet~~

Honey dew with vanilla ice-cream


Chicken + cheese + rice (yummy )

Mee + mushroom + corn flour (not bad o)

On 17th, I'm went to Low Yat Plaza to purchase my phone. Initially thought want to purchase n97 or n900. But when reach there, my sis friend advised me to bought another 1, the c6. Hehe, it has all the function that I want, Wlan, PDF, Radio, QWERTY keyboard, and large screen. Some more the price is much more cheaper, only at Rm 840 ( lol, they actually retail it at Rm999, but friend's price ma).
Nokia C6

On 19th,
Went out with Sharon and Michelle. long time didn't meet with them,miss them so much. That day Sharon wanna to buy some formal clothes, Walau, she went for Isetan nei, so expensive,even after sale. LOL, at there all branded de, quality sure can't be questioned, but the problems are she is still student and isn't wear it frequently. So not worthy to purchase. Then we went to T's to purchase, though there aren't much choice,the prices are much more affordable, ranging from Rm 25.90 to Rm 49.90. Hehe, she settled her shirt with skirt at around Rm 60++ only. NOT BAD o....

By the way, we went "Hong Kong Food and Beverage" (欢喜地) for lunch. And we gossip and talked all cold jokes. Miss it so much. Now waiting for December, Michelle birthday is coming soon..... ^-^

Mango Favour

Sharon and I

Michelle and I

On 21st, BAC Prom- A night of Italian Underground dinner and dance was ongoing. Tell the truth, it was my 1st time going for prom, so excited. My sis help me make up, I felt like I'm a barbie doll, being played by her. Never mind, as long as the end result is awesome. By the way, Kimberly came to my house to prepare and we went there together. THANKS KIM,for being my driver.

The prom not bad, good performance, mainly on singing and with some dancing as well. But the sound system was not up to satisfaction level. T_T I didn't guess who is the Killer of DON, sad case, the IPAD being win by someone else.

After prom, we went on for clubing,actually didn't went for club, just bar... LOL, like usual, unable to make final decision and due to closure of the bar, we ran from "Metro"at KLCC, to "Zeus" at The Garden , to "Library" at Midvally, and finally settled at "Elixir" Bukit Bintang. Whole process consume 1 and a half hour. Haha,never mind, I quite enjoy the atmosphere and themusic over there. Oh ya, Marcus was too attractive till a "bling bling" lady, (aiyo, she was wearing "bling bling" clothes ma),asked him to touch her. So random..... till now,all of us also not understand what the lady motive..... @_@

Hm...that night reach home quite late, around 3 something. When I opened the door, I found my mattress on the floor.make me feel so scare,wandering whether my mum became so angry and decide to threw me out. HAHA,luckily she just bought me a new one (嘻嘻,自己吓自己).... muackz, I promise I'll not go home so late again....
Su ning and I
Bao bei and I
Beauty Queen gathering =D
Jessica and I
BAo Bei and I


My old mattress

On 22nd onward, No more leisure, prom or what. Have to start study. Syllabus became much more bulky. Gambateh all of you...

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