Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just some "crab" ideas....

Watched "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1" with my bao bei on Sunday,not bad nei..... at least better than previous one, not so dark, can see what had actually happened... I like Hermione's bag so much, it is small and elegant, but yet, u can found so many things inside it.... In future, maybe our scientist can develop such things, so all people no longer burden with books, clothes, gadgets, or anythings else, all can go shopping happily ... Oh ya, we also can just bring that bag for camping....can bring all kind of food, climbing up the mountain and set up the stove. We can even bring our own water filter.. Eat cooked food in very convenience way, had clean water, enjoying greenery view with birds singing around..... Ooo, enjoying~~~~

Watched with bao bei again on Tuesday. Basically, it is a cartoon....Oh my, I like cartoon very much.... This one not bad also, the horse just like a dog, I mean had dog characteristics, it is so funny... I learnt something from that, Firstly, start to utillise a pan, from cooking to self-defence, secondly, earned more money to buy a big house, make horse as my pet rather than dog, since both playing same function anyway.... Thirdly, take care of my hair, let it grow longer and longer, can use it as weapon, a tool or else, no longer need escalator.....
Is all of this practical? Of course just ignore me....
( in case anyone of you had done so, let me know, I'll make you my idol )

**now I want to watch Narnia... Waiting my bao bei and I to be free 1st.... waiting waiting waiting waiting and waiting

Have my first Criminal time test on Wednesday, so dissapointed, many points not been included....need to study harder.... HAiz. exam time table is out, on 11,13,18,20 May. but it subject to change as final timetable will only out on April....Hopefully it only start after 20 May ... save more time to study.... Praying~~~

Yesterday was my nephew birthday, wish him "happy Birthday" and "kuai gao zhang da"... Oh, I went out with my friends that afternoon, and get their opinions on a bag.... Will buy it soon... " BAGGIE BAGGIE", I'm coming soon...

Khai Sheng ( our birthday boy)

A very big birthday cake, is Mickey

TODAY (Sunday), what a lovely day, no class no activity, sleep till 8 o'clock, do some simple exercise, had my breakfast and a piece of cake (yup, ta bao from yesterday party). thought want to study from 9 onward, but then downstair got some function going on. So noisy. Nuisane. Singing not good, can hurt my ears, coz the key too high, almost all key"breaches". I hate them. Ruined my day. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP....... arrgggg X_X

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