Friday, December 24, 2010


Holiday was officially began at 18th December.

Christmas tree of BAC
(had owl on it, So cute,
Mr Aria said if the owl went missing, he knows who to find,

After finish my final class for the year, I rush to Pavillion to meet my "ji mui",Sharon and Michelle, and also with our usual gathering mate, Ken, to celebrate Michelle birthday. Because when I reached there already 2 O'clock, it mean that I missed a lot of conversation with them... T_T, I like to talked with them, it make me feel happier... Never mind, still had chances in the future, although I know not much time left, as they are going for training soon.... I'll miss them very much....

Wong Kok's special "Nai Cha" for birthday girl.

A nice decoration for "Barbie"

We went for movie after I finished my lunch, ate "荷叶芝士焖牛肉饭". Oh ya, it is "cheese" things again, I like food with cheese, from pizza, burger, spaghetti to rice, yummy... We watched "The Social Network", it it was damp boring....haiz, never mind, at least now I knew what the character of facebook founder was.

The Social Network

After that, I went to KLCC. Oh my godness, it is s
o beautiful, because the decoration all in lovely, purple colour, nice wei...

Purple in KLCC

On Sunday, went out with sis. We bought a lot of food in t'square nei, coz there had a Japanese food fair. Sis bought some to buck up her Christmas present and some for personal consumption... Both of us be scolded by mum again for wasting money.

oh ya, I bought a schoolbag for myself, yup, it is for myself. Currently using side bag feeling inconvenience because had to take bus, and the books are so so so heavy. So had to pretend I'm young and using schoolbag again... Don't worry, it is p
urple, I like it very very much. Simple but elegant... (altough I bought it, it actually paid by my Bao Bei, Thanks ya)

My new school bag

On Monday, went out with Bao Bei again. We watched "
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader", it a very good movie, while the cousin is so annoying. Anyway, time spent with bao bei is what I appreciated.


Christmas tree at Amcorp Mall

On Tuesday, spent wholeday gaming, gaming and
gaming. Do all the meaningless things.... hehe, but I'm happy. On Wednesday, it was "Dong Zhi", the most important day for Chinese, coz it represent reunion. You know what, Bao Bei came to my house for dinner.. Feel like we are happy family now... Love him very much....

On Thursday, received message from Nicole, inviting me for her Birthday celebration. I'm still thinking whether or not I should go. So many things had been happened, and so much time passed. My hate, anger, or disappointment no longer intact as clear or fresh when it arise. In simple, I no longer angry her, still friends maybe.... Who know?! Don want to think much, head fainting, I'm had fever, running nose and sore throat. Sleep early.

Today, woke up very late, slept around 13 - 14hours, feeling better now. Now blogging with slight running nose and severe sore throat. Yeah, no more fever, but still had to drink more water. Thus far, I drank 3 bottles and few cups of water, I thinks had 2.5-3 litters of water. Oh, it might be the most volume for the years..... I hate plain water, but no choice. T_T, miss my healthy body...... and i want sing K....

Not much to write about cause this week I do nothing, haha, have to start study soon, maybe next Monday onward??? Haven't decide yet.....
Later still have to go out with my Bao Bei, although both of us still sick, bt it is our 1st Christmas eve nei, so if can, don't waste it lo.....

just blogging about my days,

not much had changed,

still lazy in doing my work,
the only thing that had change is

I'm a sick pig now...

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