Saturday, January 1, 2011

SICK sick sick

Like what I've mentioned in previous post, fallen sick before Christmas, till date, still coughing and sore throat.... Body has slightly over normal temperature, maybe I'm soon fever too...haiz....maybe it is unlucky for being sick during coz I really cant enjoy all the activities nei..... But from good prospective, it may be lucky as well, coz nt sick during class.... Haiz... I DONT KNOW WHAT 'HE" THINKING ABOUT !!!!!!! Just leaving it...hope to recover soon...

On 25th, my bao bei and I celebrate our 1st Ch
ristmas at 1-Utama.... Aiyo, thought can shopping and pa tuo, but the crowd make it very difficult nei, so we give up and leave it for tomorrow. WE had our lunch at "龙的传人", maybe because both of us still sick, feel it food not so nice or not up to our expectation and it is so oily. Maybe next time when we get health, it may be tastier...

On 26th, when to for shopping, walked 2 hours just bought 2 shirts from 'BOSSINI" (if I spell correctly), and purchase 2 scarves : 1 is blue
for Geraldine, and another 1 is purple for myself, both also very smooth, I like it very much, hopefully she like it too...
T_T,Kean Hoe found a red shirt and very like it, thou
ght want to shop awhile then go back to buy, somehow forget where we saw it, so didn't buy, coz we had to rushed back to our car at t's and go Marcus house... haiz, B.Bintang damp jam, my Bao Bei '发脾气' on the steering, SCARE SCARE Geraldine there got open house, the food very nice nei,not spicy at all, I ate a lot of snacks too, but I believe I didn't ate as much as Allan and Nick did...

On 27th, do nothing but at home. Ate too much snacks yesterday and some curry chicken and lamb, sore throat became severe, pity I, showing thi
s kind of sick look to welcome my grandmum.. Oh ya, my grandmum came from BAHAU, SEREMBAN, and will stay with us for few days....happy..

On 28th, still sick, but nevertheless went out with grandmum, mum, and youngest sis, went to Sg.Wang for shopping. Mum bought 2 clothes for sis for CNY, but none for me, sad .... But I managed to get some money from her, hehe, can shopping by my own soon.... Waited my aunt till 2, then went to '大人餐厅' for lunch, 5 people, 1 s
et lunch with 4 dishes,added 5 plain rice, 4 drinks, and cost us Rm 100.05. Not bad is it, at least it is reasonable price at B.Bintang, I think... Thought can went for night market gei, but at sudden rain at 6.20pm ruin it....
. I want my milk tea...

On 29th, grandmum, mum and aunt went to "Petaling Street', I didn't follow coz really felt unwell, rested at home... When they back, they
start gossiping about my 2nd uncle,his wife and his new gf. He not treat my grandmum well recently, huh, wait la, my 5th uncle now purchased his neighbour's house. Once done the renovation, my grandmum can live with them, hehe, no longer will live with 2nd uncle....
Who asked him to has a bad mouth, grandmum just asked him to returned back some money to my aunt that he borrowed and promised to returne
d within a month but never do so for half a year, he scolded grandmum for busy-body and 'pilih kasih'. Wtf....
If grandmum not busy-body,who helped him to lo
oked after his children after he divorce, if she 'pilih kasih', then when he need money then grandmum will never ever helped him to asked aunt... who wrong huh???

The things that I angry most is that he face and his vo
ice so fierce, most child look at him also scare le, most of the time will not, or not dare to call him. Knowing what, he cursed my niece to marry a dumb, just in front of the my cousin...damp it... Oh ya, he even cursed my another aunt to be cheated all money by a guy just because she refused to lend him any more money... F*** it.... how can he curse his own relatives....
I'm angry, headache, so went to sleep early~~~~

On 30th, fever again..... slept till 9 o'clock, eat som
ething and had some chat with grandmum, then went back to sleep from 11.30 to 1.30pm.... chatting with grandmum and aunt again...then bao bei come to my house at 3 somethings, hehe, my grandmum so happy for seeing him, my bf ma, she told me she like him too....hehe, my bao bei pass already ooo~~~
then urged my bao bei leave my went back to sle
ep, from 4.30 to 6.45pm. Woke up, bath, eat,watch tv, chatting, then sleep again at 10pm... walau, sleeping wholeday I think, I'm pig.....
it is final day my gradmum stayed at my home
, tomorrow my aunt will fetch her back, so sad..... I miss her...

On 31th, when I woke up at 8am, grandmum already went out with aunt for breakfast then go back to SEREMBAN. sad case, can't even say good
bye, nevermind, we will see each other soon, during CNY.... I'm waiting.... Bao bei fetched me to his home, we spent whole afternoon sleeping,coz I'm still fever... so sorry for him.... Oh ya,we had lunch at a cafe, the decoration not bad, "har mee' is ok, but the "lum mee' is XXX

At night we ate mee that his mum cooked, so nice, hehe, I can finished it oooo,without any difficult, so happy....coz this 2 day, I not really can eat well.
Thankx Kean Hoe mum...

At night we went count down at "The Curve"with 3 of his friends, Jerry, "wen tian" and "kah wai", not really enjoy,coz i've coughing... Haiz, but I ddn't enjoy the fireworks, it just above my head, feel like it will fall to me, the feel so good....hehe.

After that we stuck at parking there for 27minut
es, when we finally get out from it, we heading to KOTA DAMANSARA for clubbing,thought want went to "Gizar", but traffic jam make us change our mind and shift to nearby.... haiz....

Reached home at 3.15am, sore throat again......


Sick look welcoming NY,

hopefully this year will become
healthier, smarter,hardworking and wealthier.
not study much this holiday due to sickness,
need to catch up,

gambateh and

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