Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sis birthday

My big little sis birthday last Sun,went to sing k with her at lowyat... Not satisfied,coz only sang 2 hours,I want more.....nw waiting my bao bei to be free then we can go sing k again....At night my parents brought us went to eat steak at "双见欢". Long time didn't eat outside le,so happy....

my sis singing~~~~

she so happy till the eyes----



Mixed (got chicken,prawn,lamb and beef)

fish nugget with hot cheese

lamb shoulder

front : chocolate with vanila ice-cream, behind, mocha

mango Abc (lol, the mango is preserved de,not nice)

we full.....

Gift from mum

recently nothing much had happened,
just my homework became
more and more unsettled,
like a mountain now....

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