Friday, June 3, 2011

Reactivate + Perhentian trip

Reactive my account !! Finally !!!! (hehe)

Backed from Pulau Perhentian last week. It is really enjoyable. Sunny day, blue sky, white clouds and greenish sea…. Nice nice nice. A paradise for me, though I’m not those kind of savvy swimming or aquatic lover.

Since it is not holiday yet, the human traffic was low… so we have a very quite yet memorable tour… Well, ‘we’ mean Paul, Nicole, Kean Hoe and me….

3 days 2 nights. Out for the sea twice…. Saw lots of fish, known and unknown. Green corals, sharks and turtles were just amazing. Fish swimming just below me ( well it was snorkeling and not scuba-diving), pulled out my hand to touch them, mostly failed and sometimes with luck, touched the fish’s tail / fins. OMG. Live fish’s tail touched my fingers ( or the other way round, I think), the feeling was so shocked, amazed, happy and excited. Never saw these at Pangkor. LOL I won’t go Pangkor again after this trip. ^_^.

Oh ya, we supposed to get our meal in buffet style, but since there aren’t many guest, it changed into dishes. 2 meat/chicken/fish/seafood, 1 vege and 1 soup. Damn, it was so full…. Everyday also feel like stomach few inches leave to burst. But I enjoyed it.

Went to hybrid station, saw the wind grid. Cheh, not moving also. Nonetheless, the scenery there is breathtaking, the sea shimmering and the wind touched us smoothly and slightly. Though the journey to go top of the mountain was tiring, but it still worthy. But the way, the journey back was fun, we get on a tractor by luck. Haha, first time in our life.

Hm…I think the trip was best to kept in mind, because those feeling when I saw all those creatures were difficult to describe ( partly due to poor English I think, hehe). I had took some pictures, feel free to visit my FB…

Oh ya, recently fall in love to Wattpad, there had many stories and novels written by ‘ordinary citizen’, not published in any books (yet). So far I had read 500++ pages. Yup, I quite free in this few days, because I’m the lazy pig who haven’t go to find a job yet, but will do it soon... Gotcha.



Reactive my life.

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