Monday, June 27, 2011

How the days?

Two weeks past, the job that I apply for still didn’t give me a reply. So I think I failed… T_T

I already one and a half months for holiday, I started to get used to it… Knowing what, staying home, sleep till very late, online till I’m tire, watching tv and done some reading are what my current lifestyle… I know it is quite meaningless and waste of time, but somehow this is what holiday mean right???

Lol, but still I’m start apply for some other jobs, coz money still one of the top priority in life. Anyway, going to give my sis friends tuition this Wednesday onward, onece per week. Haiz, inexperience and friendship make it damn cheap. Never mind, just used it as pass time, since I’ve no intention to work on weekdays also.

So how others life? I’m sure not as bore as I’m.

Stay tune.

Elaine ~~~

Recently, I take up responsibility to buy vege and meat for my household,

hehe,will become an aunty soon.

And, its raining this morning…

OH, lovely.

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