Saturday, July 2, 2011

My recent days

Oh, long time didn’t hang out with my dear le, Finally on Tuesday we went out together. We went to Midvalley for movie, well, the parking was sucked, we spent 15-20 minutes in The Garden parking and found none. Eww, damn angry you know, need to pay parking fee, waste petrol and time, but still can’t park. So we have to drove out and finally found one at Midvallay Carpark G. What a ‘good ‘starting day.

We ate our lunch at a Taiwanese’ food, hm… the food not bad nei, not really expect that quality in megamall,actually. Then we went for shopping and Kean Hoe managed to buy a pair of pants at G2000. It cost him RM168 nei… oh boys’ clothes really damn expensive nei, but never mind la, not I the one who pay… (evil laugh)

Then we watched “Green Lantern”. It just a normal story line, where a guy unexpectedly be chosen to be ‘the guardian’ for his planet, he failed his duty, desperate and give up, then his gf / lover give him encouragement, then somehow he manage to overcome it, and beat the super strong ‘devil’ when the others who are much more experienced and strong can’t. ( familiar story? rights !!!) Nonetheless, the only thing that I give credit to this movie is that it emphasis on ‘will’ rather than ‘fear’. It show that determination of a person can overcome fear, hardship or disappointment in life and subsequently achieving their dream. Hm… sound education, right?!

After that, we just went home, coz my dear had meeting at night. He just busy like always.

On Wednesday, I started giving tuition to my sis’ friend. IT IS FOR ADD.MATHS nei, luckily my teaching not bad la, since all them can understand what I taught and no one fall in sleep (hehe). Then the teaching for MATHS and ACCOUNT on Friday going well as well… I Think, if I gained more experience and confidence, I can take this as my part time in future… and charge more (haha, gambateh)

By the way, the cowaybasic staff finally called me. So I’ll go for training in the coming Monday and work for exhibition in PWTW for next Thursday to Sunday. Yeah yeah, money money home…


who started to fill her life with some works,

enjoyed Mc’Donald yesterday,

and wearing her new spectacle,

and all things become so much clearer,

just like a human had changed into a vampire or werewolf.

Kean Hoe & his new pants

My little board

two of my students

my new spects

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