Friday, September 11, 2009

A movie day

4th of September

Today I go to have movie with Yang Yang, and his friend (opps, forget his name again)
at Berjaya Times Square...
We watch "Final Destination",

it is quite scary, in term of the ways the people die...
But, I not really like th
e ending,
At first I thought there will have somethin
g more terrible things might happen,
But it really disappoi
nted for the ending
as it just look like the director of the fi
lm in hurry to end the story...

Well, well, w
after the movie, Yang Yang and I go to " Sunny Beach Beverages "(阳光海岸)
for dinner...
Long time didn't go to th
is restaurant,
still remember durin
g Form 3,
I, Qian Qian, Yenny, Carmen,
Elra, Nicole and Shayn
like to have lunch at here...
really miss that time.....
(don't know whether there still have chance to go there with them again in the future)

Bubble green tea

Yang Yang ---Fried chicken (is in love shape)

Mine -- Mushroom Chicken

My dessert ( don't know the name in English)

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