Wednesday, September 30, 2009


30th September 2009

This morning raining heavily,
feel wanna slept more.
but "devil" told me not to do so, Exam is coming,
just around the corner...
So, no other choice, woke up, go college and study.

Sir Kevin get angry today,
we are too noisy and irritated him,
He felt that we are not serious in our study, although exam just left 11 days.
But I sure he was not totally right,
as there many of us take it seriously.
For example, Kimberly, Marcus, Chew Theng, May Jean, Dennise, Junior,Kean Hoe and etc...
(recently Kean Hoe called me as "Gold Fish", just because I ate "wantan"which look like goldfish)
(sweating !!!) ( @_@)
( but never mind, I will not anger about it, as long as he doesn't called me as "tall girl" or "skinny" which will really irritating me a lot)

Tonight the law part-time class had been postponed to Friday,
Finally can reach home earlier.
Study start on Monday will continue till next Thursday,
this mean 11 days continuously I have class,
sound "fun" is it?

Just finish played game in facebook.,
still got mood to play?
totally not, but it is a good way to release my stress.
**Another option is watching TV,
but the story line of the drama I not really clear,
make me look stupid when watching it....

Well, night is late,
is time to say goodbye and good night to my bloggie..
Tomorrow has a morning class to attend.

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