Sunday, October 18, 2009

a small gathering

17th Oct 2009

Today is Yenny sister,Tenny birthday,
Well,although I not really known her sister,
but I still going to her sis' birthday party
as I use it as an opportunity for gathering with ex-schoolmate,
Yenny told me that she had invites 9 girls,
long time didn't meet with other,
really miss them nei...

Well, today Yang Yang also got come..
9 girls only have 6 there,
namely Yenny, Qian, Nana, Elra, Shayn and I
Ming yee, Nicole and Carmen not around,
anyway, we still have a good time..

We Barbecue till 11 something
then go to 九皇爷庙 at Ampang there to have a walk,
after that we go to "dolphin" cafe to have a drink...
we finally disband at 2 something...

Well,let me talk a little bit about the others

She and her boyfriend relationship quite stable,
still remember that just a year before she used to argue with him...
but today see them so sweet,
then I also "fang xin" le

really long time didn't meet with her,
some more her blog just like mine,
not really updated,
so she already got bf also don't know,
really pai sei

long time no meet with her,
still the same,
beautiful and attractive,
today she come with her bf,
quite leng cai,
Just heard that Elra have neither further her study nor working,
maybe she haven't found the way for her life,
hopefully in the near future there have someone or some undefined power,
can lead her toward her way,that she wanted to...

she is the tallest among us
she change a lot,
from the one that once will only study in last minutes,
becoming the one that is more hardworking and care about her study,
gambateh NANA


The girl that is dedicate who study form 6
she is cute and nice,
likes to write poem and story,
care others more than herself,
even hurt herself...
just wanna say to her,
anything if it shall go wrong,it will,
just take it and don't be too nervous or sad,
toward the things that already broken...

Well, that all...
miss ya~~

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