Saturday, October 10, 2009

Diary for the week

Tuesday 6th Oct

Yesterday Yang Yang birthday,
feel sorry to him,
because I forget to wish him,
sure he feel very angry,
what kind of his girlfriend,
worst (haha)

This morning I have stomach pain,
thus skipped my Account class,
so sad for not enter the class,
they are doing past year questions,
although the lecturer love to talk rubbish,
but missing his class still not a good attitude,
NO NEXT TIME (unless he want to teach rubbish)

The afternoon I felt better already,thus I had enter the law class,
The first lecture is by MR. Raja Singham,
the class went on smoothly,
After that is Mr Kelvin lecture,
Feel sorry or sad to him
as when he giving us break, many students have left and went home
without notified him.
for sure it is not good feeling for a lecture who came back from break and realized many of his students have left,
Why can't them care about his feeling???

Wednesday 7th Oct
Today we are having our Law class again,
it also my final ELS class with MR. Kelvin,
feeling so sad,
Well, today not many students came for class,
thus finally we can have a peaceful ELS class with him
can consider a good ending for us.

Sis's PMR exam is on today,
hope she can do her best in her exam,
even though getting straight A's quite a difficult task or impossible to her,
but hopefully she didn't bring any "elephant" home.

Thursday 8th Oct

Today our Business Studies morning class have canceled suddenly,
thus I just stay in college study business myself (because I didn't bring any law material)
In the evening,
Kimberly, Winnie, Marcus , Kean Hoe, Debra and I find Mr.kelvin to get our mock exam paper,
just wanna know our mark and which position are we at for the exam
I got shocked when Mr.Kelvin wanted to see me alone,
He said me misunderstood the question and did badly for the paper,
Well, then only we know that the paper that he marked is what I do for part-time exam,
he used wrong question to mark my paper (haha)
Anyway, I finally get my paper at night,
overall 54/75, can consider ok,
(don't sure whether the high mark is because I standing beside him he is marking it)
Well, hard work still needed for continuous improvement, is it?
the marks give me a sense of motivation, to work harder for my real Exam in Monday
gambateh Elaine !!!!!

Today I feel my relation with other is improved,
well, I not used to talk with other, unless they are talking with me first
but today unbelievable,
I talked with Kean Hoe more than before,
and also have some talk with Mr.Aria
Quite a good move.

Hm....other than that, I also become closer with Shu Veen recently,
Today she helped me to analyse my character,
She say that I will differentiate myself with others,
and I will keep all the things in my heart,
and I dislike people to talk bad to me
Hm...It quite accurate,but I will try improved it.

Friday 9th Oct
Today give myself a holiday
because "all work and no play make Jack a dull boy"
although I neither is Jack nor boy,
but I still believe it. (or used it as an excuse ) ?_?

I gaming in the morning, then I went to my ex-secondary school,
to get all my other cert,
I hat "duck duck",
I just ask her whether I can help my friend to take it,
since he busy and may not free to come,
but she boom me that " If your friend hungry then you help them eat la"
really wanna "F***" her,
then and only then she went searching for my cert,
I just get three cert : Bio, Phy and Che peka cert.
but my name for Moral cert is missing and she failed to find the BI oral cert
damn angry to see this bad attitude and worst or can consider suck work performance,
no wonder our country civil employee always get bad reputation,
just because we keep this kind of people to work for them,
OMG, we should learn from Singapore,
just sack those who cant meet basic standard in their work
for example, this "duck duck"

Well, that's all for my diary of the week,
Next week need study for Exam, so,
I will only update my bloggie when I'm free,
I'll miss you,
my bloggie,
my little space to express my feeling.

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