Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exam Eaxam exam

5 th Oct 2009

Today AS real exam
ination is start,
I have my Law paper 1 today,
well, the question I have confident to do it,
The questions about J.P, S.I, D.L, and HRA
4 out of 6 I know well to answer ,
But,just because I k
now them well,
I write too much in J.P and D.l,
make me no time to finish my final question.
I think I shall f
ail my AS law
(well, for me, not getting an A is mean fail)
(just like I fail my Moral, EST and English in SPM)

really feel sad,
all my hard w
ork gone,
the time and energy spent
to practice is waste,
with no reason.

This is an unfair world

After the exam, we go to YMCA have lunch,
I just have a bowl o
f mushroom soup,
my flavour which ca
n make me feel better,
other than chocolate and sugar.

First time having such big group for lunch,
(i mean for College life)
however, due to distance,
I just have talk with Shu Veen, Chew Th
eng, Kim Hoe, Yik Yee, Jake and junior..
We sit there for about t
wo or three hours,
then only disband.
Amazingly, that day also m
y first time see Junior drive,
(although I kne
w he always drive)
hopefully he will drive steadily, not like Seng Seng,
so scary.

My flavour--mushroom cream soup

Shu Veen and I



6th Oct 2009
Today having Law revision class, prepare for Friday AS Law paper 2,
After the class I hang in a paper to Mr.Kevin,
demanding him to mark for me
Well, he too busy that afternoon,
busy looking for our mock exam paper and return to us..
I wait him at second floor for half an hour or more,
many of us thought him already ran away,
luckily he still has ret
urn our paper,
but my assignment hang in to him is not return,
haha, he really in hurry.

Well, while waiting for Mr. Kevin,
Chew Theng, Junior and I having some talk,
we talk about this and that,
all not relevant but just talk for fun.

That is my day,
a boring day,
and not much to talk about..

E I eat curry laksa today,
Unbelievable isn't it?


  1. It's jake not jack... but everyone always gets the name wrong so no probs ;)