Friday, January 8, 2010

Another diary for the week

After a long break of year’s end holiday,

Finally I return to college.

Hm… the 1st day class is quite Ok,

As the accounting class officially start at 9.30am from this day onward,

No more two separate class which is cumbersome.

Then, the business studies in the afternoon is busy,

Haha, busy to construct a graph.

At evening, we, Joanne, Kimberly, Junior, Jake, Raymond and I

Celebrate Nicole’s birthday at mamak,

Initially we thought Junior and Jake “fly aeroplane”,

coz we still can’t see them after wait for them more than half an hour at 3rd floor,

lol,they actually already arrived and waited for us at mamak…

(miscommunication, hehe)

Tuesday economic class is quite boring,

It might because of Aria fall sick, so none of us joke much.

After the class, we, Jake, Ethel, Chew theng and I,

Went to sing K at neway, coz Ethel went home early,

So Chew theng and I “bully “ Jake by forcing him took picture with us

Hehe, he looked so afraid about it…

Wednesday contract class I felt so sad about it,

Mr.Kumar gave us a question to answer,

My group got all wrong (or almost),

Wrong concept, wrong assumption…..

Tuesday tort class,

1st time entering Ms.Naveena class,

She is much much much more better than the temporary lecturer,

At least what she taught us, us can understand…

Give a five star to her….

(yeah yeah, clapping hand)

Friday, no class today,

Stay at home watching drama, gaming and listening song,

Later maybe will re-do my note for contract and tort…

Arhh….bore !!!!!

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