Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010

I’m growing and getting older for another year again.
Hm… that day went for countdown with Yang Yang at
I wore wrong shoe to that event,
Coz I wore a pair of high heel, two and a half inches nei….
Made my feet still pain….

Anyway, for this new year, I have set some target to achieve
1)I wanna find a part time job…
Lol,already 19 year old,still asking money from parent quite pai sei nei…
2) Set a time table for myself to study, time allocation will be based on my AS result.
3) Back to SJK (C ) Naam Kheung
4) Pay more attention to my sis study, she will go for F4 this year, wanna make her clear about all subject before decide which one to be taken in next year…
5) If possible, go for friends’ home during festival, especially during Chinese New Year..
(this year can’t go to relative’s home, coz grandmun had passed away within a year..,)
6) Clean my room…. (haha)
7) Give myself a new style (can be new look or hair style)
8) haven’t think about it yet…..wuakaka… Any suggestions??

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