Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year 2009

Few more hours to go, I’ll say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010.

Feeling excited?

Yup, coz later I’m going for countdown….

Got Chin nei, (from Thailand one),haha

So, let me refresh what I had done in this year….

Finish my SPM and then go to Penang for holiday, with Ming Yee,her hubby and Qian,

(hm….this happened in December, if I’m correct)

Then January started working at kindergarten, which is quite torturing to ask them keep quite,(haha)

Anyway, it is fun to watch them play around and taught Kit Kit to read during lunch time in order to direct him to chew the food in his mouth…

By the way, during this period of time, I also attended for a Cabin Crew training course, where I intended to join SQ 1st,coz I wanna earn my own money to fund my study, but finally have to cancel this idea since my mum felt that I should study on this age and working later…

At the same time, the Chinese New Year not as happy as before, grandma, who suffer from kidney failure and other disease, died during New Year. When I’m small, she is the one who take care of me. Her kindness, her smile, her voice, still in my mind till now. Maybe passed away is good for her, at least she no longer suffer the pain, and thanks god, for extending her life till New Year, enable her to find an excuse to left the hospital, see all of us, and celebrate her last New Year with us. Thanks Lord.

March, SPM result is released. This is the 1st time where I felt so disappointed till I’m cried. I never believed that my result will be so sucked, where some subject I confident to get an A1 become A2 and one of the even worse, Moral get B3. Well, another 2 subjects I got B3: EST and English are in my expectation, coz I not good in English and I think I well-known for…

April, I joined Brickfield Asia College (BAC) for A-level. When I still in F5, I wished go for F6 at MBS, but my mum again against it, feeling it was wasting time.( F6 consume 2 years time).Then when I chose this college, my mum asked me why didn’t I go for some other well known universities or colleges, since my result can easily fulfill the entry requirement and applied to scholarship. Well, I just answer her “that college cheap but got quality ma,

At the same month, I went for tuition, study for English and Frances. Yup, study English is intended to improve myself as I afraid that I couldn’t follow with A-level syllabus since all is in BI. Frances, on another hand, is a way to prepare myself to Paris. Go Paris for what? Study law? No no no !!! just wanna go there walked around and met some guy over there..(haha) but both of them came to a stop when I start attending the part-time class, coz there are crushes of time.

Well, in college, I met with totally new friends, almost all of them aren’t come from Cheras. They come from Subang, Klang, Johor, Kajang, Selayang, Rawang, Malacca….. they are Chew Theng, Shu Veen, Harvin, Jolynn and Yee Theng. Then come with Rainbow, Mei Shi and so on….

October, I’m totally become crazy. AS exam was around the corner. But still, the law subject haven’t finish it syllabus yet, and practice wasn’t enough yet too. So, did badly in As coz Law and Business Studies didn’t finished on time, Accounting got one question totally alien to me while economics I had wrote some rubbishes. ( I think)

November , went to Malacca with Randomness group. Actually I’m already know them in class and via singing K. However, I really come across with them in this trip. Thanks to Marcus, my driver in this trip, plus also is one of the organizer, together with Junior and Jake.

December, after few weeks holiday, finally went back to college for my A2 class. I never ever felt so excited and looked forward to go back an institution of learning, at least never for primary and secondary. Coz primary school there too much stress as I studied in Chinese school where result is priority, whilst for secondary, it just too bore to school , since the teachers are lazy to enter our class which only have 15 students and normally only attended by 8 to 11 students. (hm… My school is new,and I’m the 1st batch and only few choose science stream). In college, there are too much fun, we can go K, movie,and walked around freely, and the only problem is there is a need to think about what to wear..(shit) oh ya, I get my Contract and Tort books, finally feel like studying Law.

**In this year, though I meet with a lot of new friends, but at the same time, I lost some.

Nine girls, I no longer exist. This I already known will happen someway in the future, when we started split into Art and Science stream. Although Carmen also same class with me,(but she doesn’t like science any way),due to different philosophy , this friendships, is the toughest task for me to handle.

Sometimes, I ask myself, did I feel sad? Did I angry about that? Hm…the answer are yes and no.. Yes, I’m sad, because I didn’t put my effort to a must level in order to maintain this friendship. I’m sad because although we still friends, but we lack contact with each others, no longer share our happiness, sadness, confusion, and problems together, like them will never ever exist in my life again. Hm…. No, because I never angry to them, it not their fault but mine, they did the right decisions, coz since our soul, mind, and thought no longer as close as before, leaving, will be the only option….

“Friends come and go”,

I think I saw or heard it somewhere, maybe from Marcus, I agreed with it, coz this is what happening.

** What is my plan for next year? Hm… let me think about it 1st, and will write in my lovely bloggie soon…

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