Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yesterday having my account class + business studies..

Well, there nothing much to talk about the Accounting class,

Coz it only proceed for 2 hours, after delayed for half an hour… ( WTF***)

Hm…accounting class suppose to be 4hour class,

So we will have class on Saturday for another 2 hours,(WTF*** again)

He never took into account the time we waste to come and forth for the class,

That just for two hours…… (angry)

Initially I wanna make something like Protest …

(lol, not that kind taking flag and shouting here and there,

Is manage others not to attend the Saturday class)

Lol, failed already lo,

He this time become smarter already,

He had informed Linda to add the new Saturday class in the new printed timetable….

( sad……1st time Elaine lost in this kind of battle )

What to do ?!

Just attend the class lo….

Well, just forget about the f***ing accounting class,

Let me tell u what happen during Business Studies class,

Hm…. It just like normal class, (cheh)

But I did a very lame thing, really,

During the class, I sat beside with “J” ( I don’t know his full name)

At that period of time, I just received a copy of Business Studies case studies book

You know what I had found out,

I found that the cover page colour of the that book is same with the cover of Pass year Question,

Both in purple pink….

Then I turned and told J

E : hey, U know o, our business Studies o ,all in purple nei…

J : @_@’’’ >>>

Hey, although many will think the statement that I’ve say is norm….

But when this statement told you by a stranger

(although I and J is not totally stranger, we had met before the class,

But, as far as my memory is concern, I had never talked with him)

Then you will think or feel this girl is lame or crazy…..

( so pai sei )

** yesterday mood not really good, thus the word that I’m using might be rude with “f” words

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