Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly entry

Holiday is finished,
Start going back to college like before,
But this time in college I have more friends accompany me,
Like Kim, Joanne, Michelle, Jake, Junior, Chew Theng, Yee Teng, Rainbow……

Monday I’m having Business Studies class,
The syllabus is not as burden as before,
Coz we already cover 80%
Never the less, more effort is still needed coz I didn’t done well in AS

Tuesday I’m having Economics and Accounting class,
Well, Economics is just the same,
Mr.Aria still so funny
However, the atmosphere is not the same,
Many because express route student is gone,
Hm… accounting class is still the same,
The lecturer still, just thinking about himself and never listened to our suggestion,
So what to do,
We’ll leave him alone….

Wednesday I’m having Contract class,
Mr.Kumar is funny and
Provide a lot of example for all the point that he is discussing
Enjoy his class very much…
Oh ya, we also get our Contract and Tort textbook that day,
Chew Theng and I too excited and take picture with the books…

Thursday I’m having Tort class,
Hm….what I can say is I’m waiting for our permanent lecturer
It is because the temporary lecturer is suck….
I believe that the others also feel the same…

Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
Doing nothing at home,
Online blogging, Facebook and watching ‘K.O San guo”(终极三国)
Haiz, one week is passed again…

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