Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Up and down

14th December 2009

Finally, yup, it is finally,

The accounting class enable give me a little bit of satisfaction,

He, the “close-minded” lecturer,

finally agree to combine the twice a week two hour class which is cumbersome

into one day four hour class, which is much more convenient

yuppy, no more Saturday class…..

For afternoon Business Studies class,

The things that I always worry about finally be resolved,

Since I had been located in group A class,

I always worry about that when As result is coming out,

I’ll be dropped to B class, coz I didn’t did well

If this truly happen to me,

It really ashamed….

But luckily the lecturer declare today that she will never drop us to B class,

Hehe, another happy event….

15th December 2009

Today Chew Theng accompany me to explode Subang,

Actually not really explode,

Just go there to find out where Canon is located,

Haha, random…..

Then, we go to have a walk at Aeon and Subang Parade,

We window shopping at a toy shop, and

At there, we find out that both of us like sewing….

now fewer girls like this kind of thing,

Both of us are rare….. (haha,need keep in museum)

After that, we go to Dessert Bar have our high-tea

(although it already 4 something, but we still treat it as our high-tea)

I had order a wrong meal,

I ordered mushroom soup,

which I thought is my flavor—mushroom cream soup

Sweat !!!

After that, Chew Theng takes KTM home,

while I'm taking bus

(well, at least I can get some sight of Subang)

Oh ya, prior to that,

when we on our way out the Subang Parade,

a guy (a promoter) calling us,

ask whether we study economics and from BAC...

(lol, on that point of time, both of us have our copy of economics red book in hand,

so both of us thought he quite nonsense,

hopefully, he really not from BAC)

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