Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sing K and K

17th December 2009

Holiday started again….
Well, It seen like a culture for us to sing k as celebration,(haha)
We-- Junior, Jake, Shun Yuan, Michelle, Mei Jean, Nicole and I
Went to Neway and spent our time there,
Oh ya, before they reach,
I watched school orchestra competition,
Oh gosh, I like it very much,
The music, the performance, and the battle,
It is fantastic, I felt I loss a lot for not watching it from the start,
But thanks God, after we finished K session,
I get the opportunity to enjoy the performance played by the champion band,
Thank for Nicole, Junior and Jake for waiting me and let me enjoy the show…

18th December 2009

It is Michelle’s birthday, and we celebrated with her at Redbox
( yup, I sing K for two consequence day)
This time we get a bigger room,
Which look like we really can party inside,
Got 4 sofa, a large and a small screen, a bar, 6 table, a big mirror, a stage and a washroom.
(haha, I really played around till I can remember all the fixture and fitting)
Well, I think Michelle sure very happy for this year celebration,
Coz not only have normal guest ( I, Yang Yang and Sharon)
But also attended by few rare guest –Sean (Sharon’s bro), Kent, Steven Kiew and Chia Kang
We at there for 3 hours
(yup,is 3hours, an hour more than other K room, that why we like to go there)
Hm….we sang quite smoothly,
the only problem occur when we were searching for Birthday song,
Oh my, all the birthday songs are new compose
We don’t even know how to sing it,
We chose few and finally gave up and sang by our own without music…
Lol,so pai sei nei, let 寿星女 waited.
Anyway, we still enjoyed ourselves and now looking forward for next coming event,
Christmas’ eve, New year’ eve……

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