Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BFF ? Soul mate?

I wandering what is the meaning of best friend Forever (BFF)?
Is it really existed in our life?
Or it is only our own imagination?
Too complicated to define is it?

For me, friends can be easily be made,
Best friends is difficult to find,
But still,
There will be someone can become my best friend,
Best, mean the only one,
The only one who will always by your side,
Accompany you go through happiness, sadness and so on….
Without complaining or feeling restlessness.

Recently, I watched a Korean drama and found the new word of “soul mate”
Is there have any different between best friend and soul mate?
Hm… I think there is, isn’t it?

I think soul mate is a higher level of friendship,
It is different from best friends,
Best friend have to put more effort to maintain,
Once both of you or many more start distance from each other,
Due to study or working,
Friendship might be start diluting,
Because we no longer have common lifestyle,
We no longer share our secret as closely as before,
As we will soon find another one who will do the job,
When time passed, best friend will sooner become common friend
Till to a point where when we meet again,
We’ll just say “hai” and “bye”.

Soul mate, on the other hand,
Doesn’t require much sharing,
Because they know your feeling from your expression or conduct
Even we had not met for a long time,
When we together, heart will still as close as before…

Best friend,
Wish there will have one,

Soul mate,
Wish I could find one….

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  1. Let me correct you.
    Soulmate, is the chosen ONE who is destined to live with you forever. However, a soulmate can also be a friend. In other words, the term literally means your other half, the missing pair of your soul, much much different than how you defined it. XD