Monday, March 1, 2010

Bai Nian

Yesterday went to bai nian at collegemates’ houses…

It is the very 1st time I doing so, haha,not a bad experiences.

We went to Jake, Junior and Kean Hoe house,

Aiyo, three also got dogs one,made me so scare,

So prior to that day, I asked them to “ikat” their dogs when we’re there…

(haha, thanks for co-operation, I really appreciate about that)

Well, on that day (that mean yesterday la),

We,initially planned to start our journey at 12.00pm…

But due to miscommunication, some reached late…

Our 1st stop was at Jake’s home,

You know what, I already starving in the journey,

When I reached there and saw the layers cake on the table,

I’m so delighted about it….

I ate two pieces before I feel better…

Anyway, I wanna thanks Aunty (Jake’s mummy) for the lunch,

( nasi pulut + curry chicken that is not spicy),

And also for holding the dog when we left… (haha)

Our 2nd stop is at Junior home,

OMG, you know how many dogs do Junior have?

He have FIVE, oh my, how can he live with so many dogs????

I sat in the car and waited Junior to rush all the dogs backed to their cages,

Before I went in and said “Aunty, gong xi fa cai’..

Aiyo, Junior niece very cute lei,look chubby,

I like Junior’s room’s mirror nei, very big and show our reflection damp nice….

By the way,the room toilet door created us a little problem,

See Wei had been locked in the toilet, and we have to ask help from Junior,

Lol, that door require some skills to open it gei..

After that, we went for steamboat barbecue,

I think, I and See Wei ate the most nei, at least among the girls la,

Felt so satisfied lei,

So guys,listen here, please never thought that

Girls who look slim will eat less, See wei and I will be the best example…

So next time, look after your wallet, when you have a date with a slim girl….

Well, our final stop was at Kean Hoe home,

Lol, Kean Hoe really can’t control well his dogs,

While I inside the house and Kean Hoe playing with his dog outside,

I stood at the door there with the metal door been closed,

The dog suddenly ran out from Kean Hoe’s hug,

Althought the dog size is obviously can’t make it way into the home,

By I still very afraid, or can said been frightened,

I ran back to my seat as fast as I could,but because Marcus blocked the way,

I fell and sat on him, aiyo, so pai sei nei….

Tell the truth,

If the scene happened when there have no others in living room accompany me,

I definitely will break into cry…..

Well, our journey end at 9.30pm….

Then Marcus send Ah B, See Wei and I home….


*** Overall, I have a good very good day,

Except for the unfortunate things happened in Kean Hoe home…

So, I want to thanks all of you, Jake, Junior, Kean Hoe, Marcus, Suki, See wei, Michelle, Jessica, Ah b, Andrew and Thomas, for the day…

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