Saturday, March 6, 2010

my TFS

1st time went for college badminton ‘training” at Shun Jin
Felt so ashamed, played too bad.
Aiyo, need more practice, must play better and better.
Oh ya, my hand and legs now still paining lei,
Marcus said it is due to I didn’t warmed up properly…
*** I think my hand become weak the happiest must be Kean Hoe,
Coz he now can say whatever he want, without fearing someone will hit him…
**hahaha,Elaine a little bit violence, need to be lady for a while..

It is MQ birthday,we went to ate Japanese food at Mid-valley
Haha, she looked so pretty that day,
Junior told a lot of lame jokes,really cold gei
LOL,but Mq have next round,
So we just stayed there until around 9 pm
Aiyo, wearing high heel that day,
Now my feet totally damage….

Went to sister company,
Had briefing for MATTA fair,
Actually Monday and Tuesday also got briefing,
But I’ll only go for Tuesday ,coz Monday I have class at night…
Hm…. You know, my this month allocated budget almost spent all le,
Need to find jobs = money $$$$
Aiyo, so “fan”

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