Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daddy Birthday~~~

16/08/2009 Sunday

Today is my dad
dy birthday,
so our wh
ole family,
have daddy, mummy, Mei M
ei, Leng Leng , Teng Teng and me.
And also my Aunty an
d cousin sister.

We go to Hong Kong style shabu shabu at Imbi there.
It really look high class.
and quite hygiene.

We eat a lot of food, but just normal one....
like beef and pork slice
, that cut really thin.
i just need to put i
n the soup and
shake it for three to five ti
mes then ready to eat.

We also got eat "bi feng gang" fried chick
en ( Hong Kong style fried chicken),
big "yun tun",and als
o two kind of fish slice...
Besides, we also eat "
black dolphin" meat,
(Yang Yang say me very cru
el, but Japanese are also eating it)
(so, Yang Yang, I not really cruel, K?)

Hm... Then we got eat mee also...
one type is normal mee, another is spinach mee.

Anyway, I hope dadd
y enjoy this meal.
And wish him alw
ays healthy and stay safe.
Love you always.

My daddy ( handsome lei)

the restaurant that we visit

the food that we order( after add on fried chicken)

the soup that I choose (herbal soup)

Spinach mee

the black dolphin meat

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