Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A fun but normal day.

Few day didn't online, miss my computer so much...
for sure, miss my game also, haha

Today, my class held in the afternoon.
Initially I want to study in the library with Chew Theng,
but at the end, I stay at home and play my computer.
Sorry Chew Theng, because I "fly your aeroplane ".
Promise you no next time....

Today I having lunch with Chew Theng and Shu Veen.
At YMCA there (just opposite my college).
Well, we have quite a great time at there.
We jokes and gossip. (shh....don't tell anyone)(haha)

Today also is my first time wearing our BAC T-shirt...
mine one is "Lawyer", written there " make crime pay, become a lawyer"
Hm....I wear not really nice,
because mine is "S" size, quite unbelievable I wear "S" size also loose....

It is America size.
So I need to wear "XSAm I thinner now? a, just dreaming.",amazing isn't it?
Anyway, I still like this shirt, because I feel like wearing sport clothes,
very comfortable nei...

** Today the weather very bad, raining , raining and raining...
make me feel so sleepy....
Lol, rain god should visit KL when I at home..
Then I can have a very sweet dream.
~~with nature music accompany me to dream.

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