Friday, August 14, 2009

Kimbery's party

Just sing K yesterday with yang yang.
Today sing K again with my colleague.
This is my first time singing K with Marcus group.
but they late,
for about one hour.
However, it is Ok,
because they are going for lunch + celebrate with Kim first.
Never mind, at least Junior, Chew Theng and I can sing for one hour first.
without need fight for mick.

Initially, all of us quite enjoying..
or maybe can use " high" or "crazy" to describe.
But just till the K room system break down....

Anyway, as BAC students,
we get our remedy in form of voucher....( just fight for it)
But who will have time and always go to sing??


anyway, I want to wish Kim Happy Birthday,
and look young all the time.

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