Monday, August 31, 2009

Date with M & M

28/08/2009 Friday

Long time didn't go out from my house,
from last Saturday till now,
initially wanna go to college and study,
but Chew Theng not free to go,
and if I go alone will be very boring,
so I decide to sta
y at home...
But, still very boring~~~~~

Finally, yes yes yes !!!!!
I finally can go out,
the excitement is really really difficult to describe,
I want to sing K,
with two M --
Mihael Keehl (Yang Yang) and Michelle.

Long time didn't meet with Michelle,
miss her so much,
she now also very busy,
busy for class, training and trips ( jealous )...

Hope we still can go out together in the future,
but next time must kid
nap Sharon first~~

It is a promise

Redbox~~Low Yat Plaza

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