Friday, September 9, 2011

College again

Time flew when we aren't notice....
Time flew faster when we're happy....
Time flew fastest when we're on holiday.... (dude)

It is already 9 of September... That means tomorrow I'll go back to college again... I'm so exciting to meet with all my Old friends and taking my new subjects / challenges. Oh ya, I'd decided to take Family Law as my optional subject for this year since it not so bulky. God bless me that all things will in order and getting better. Anyway, I'm also sad. when college life restart, I've less time to spent at home... Definitely I'll miss my bed, computer, Tv and my lovely Wattpad..haiz..

By the way, I've went to the Popular Bookfest at KLCC. Oh gosh, those books really damp cheap, but I've not much pocket money left...(T_T) So I just bought a set of three books on self-improvement and lots of stationery ( I bought pens for 1 year used, Oh my, the pen only cost me RM 0.25 each). Next year I've to save a lot coz I really want to shop freely at this book fair again...

getting an opportunity for interview at a legal firm for the post of general clerk
just pray to God for Him to give me the luck and confidence to succeed on it.

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