Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life as a conveyencing clerk

Started working on last Thursday, till date, I have worked for a week.
In this week, I've learned a lots of things, from filing,till replying letter, answering phone, follow up and read through lots of files which taught me the basis process of property transaction. Further, I discovered that the 'new technology'-a typing machine that using electricity and the words can be "erased". (WOo, so cool isn't it???? I'm such a dump on high tech stuff huh)...

I think the most important 'knowledge' that I've gained so far is that, property speculation really can earned lots of money. So now, need to start saving and slowly,gradually and surely, I can be part of that... Difficult???? Definately, since now all property the price is such skyrocking. I think I need 10 to 20 more years to become one of that... (haha)

By the way, though I'm busying orking, nevertheless I'm still a student. I attended the tort night class last night. Miss Eunice is awesome, her teaching is so smooth and soft. When she talked about a case, it just like a story telling, which really get your attention to it. Anyway, she still cruel, by leaving us a lots of "bed-time" reading. I think that is the ways for part-time class,since all of us already an 'adult' which should have some self-discipline... (Am I one of them too? Hopefully !!!)

Law isn't hard to study,
It just difficult to understand the words,
which are the wisdoms from antecedent,
who live long ago before me...
Their language, still is English,
just not in modern form.

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