Sunday, September 18, 2011

College and Work

My class had started a week ago (or 2 weeks ago since today already Sunday???) So far the class are quite smooth and "understandable". Anyway, lots of hardwork is needed in order to cath up with lecturer speed. So far, only LAND LAW and LAW OF TRUST went into the syllabus while another 2 still in introductory stage. Nevertheless, Miss Puvan really pushing us much, the first class she pressing us pressure on how hard our Part 1 would be, and today class onward we need to start preparing for our tutorial questions. T_T stress !!!! Oh ya, by the way, the FAMILY LAW will be taught by NALINA, so I think I'll change my mind to take LAW OF EVIDENCE for this year. By hook or by crook, I'll still attending her 1st FAMILY LAW class on this coming Friday, hopefully she'll speak 'earth language' (hehe)

Remember I told you that I get the opportunity for an interview? Well, I've been employed !!! Though it is what I really want to do in future, specialised in conveyancing, still, the firm really really small la. There only had another staff beside me, so boring. AND, according to my research, there should has 3 lawyers, but how come I just saw one? Where the other 2 o? Really feel the need to learn something from this firm nei, now starting with filling 1st, and then will slowly progress to more complex task. Elaine, GAMBATEH !!!

Start my life as a full time working adult,
and a part time law student.
Time management is the utmost ingredient.

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