Friday, September 2, 2011


It is September !!!! i can't believe that time had flew just blinks of eyes....
College gonna resume in next 8 days.... Oh my, holiday will over soon....
and I still haven't register for my course yet... Haiz.. gonna do all this stuff next week..

So how my August?

I'd worked for the company called Coway Basis, a Korea brand, which sells water filter, air purifier and juicer. I'd work for them for 5 exhibitions and earned about Rm1500++.. It not such a high pay work but tell the truth, I'm really enjoyed and learned lots of things. By the way, I'd went for their dinner, a day trip for Sunway Theme Park and Skytrex each... Oh, I grown out.. and I really can play flying fox without screamed too loud. HAHA, proud of myself.

My LLB Intermediate's result had been release. Screw them. I thought they had automatic system which will upload the result when their time reach 0001, 18th August. But they aren't such high tech or I'm giving them too high expectation... I woke up at 7 am and keep checking my mail which never came. Luckily at 12 noon Joanne told me they will release it at 7pm then only I let my computer rest. By 7pm, I started again and had to waited till 8pm only get the mail... What a long wait. By the time, all the nervous, scary or curiosity had gone, I just wanted to get my result and watched tv. Luckily I passed all subjects (phew...), and thanks UOL for lowering the passing marks because my Criminal Law Papers just get 40, lying accurately on the new minimum passing marks, THANKS GOD AND THANKS UOL AGAIN.

Oh ya, I think I've gained some weight, since I stayed home most the time ( I only worked for weekend), I ate lots and my tummy seen to grew bigger... Thinks I need to start exercise but somehow not found the determination yet...hehe, I know I'm a lazy fellow.

Stay tune,
waiting news for my application in Legal Firm,
Why they haven't called me yet?
I'm failed? T_T
By the way,
Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Independent Day...
( I know I'm late, but still better than nothing, right? )

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