Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4th Nov 2009

Having my economics paper 2 today,
feeling happy and wonder,
happy is because this is the 1st essay type paper that I can finish on time,
wonder is whether I really have finished it??
Well, let passed to be passed,
don't think about it again,
need concentrate on Business Studies on Friday,
Paper 1 already suck as I cannot finish it,
Paper 2 must use all the effort ,
achieve full capital utility (haha)

well, let me talk about the things happening in this few day,
Last week Nicole had no appetite to eat,
I just simply tease her that whether she had pregnant,
LOl, who knows Kean Hoe suddenly admit that he is the baby father,
sweat.... @_@"" <<<
on Monday, we help them to give name for their 'baby",
namely "Yap Cha Siew "
sweat again......

on Monday evening, we getting out for dinner before enter the night class,
few of us help Junior to celebrate his birthday,
well,junior just get a little bit shock,
really just little bit, (we fail to surprise him)
because he saw it when we are preparing,
hm...this isn't the mean point for me to write about,
The mean point is Junior is afraid for insect,
When Michelle asked him to close his eyes to receive his present,
he thought us are giving him something like insect,worm or hamster,
he expression is really funny,
omg, Junior is really cute nei...

LOL, suddenly start missing for Michelle, Sharon and Yang Yang,
long time didn't meet with them le,
don't know how they are at this point of time,
are they busy for they study??
or same like me,
missing the memory that we had together,
the time when we chatting rubbish and gossip on something,
and singing and sleeping in the class??

I really miss it..

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