Monday, November 9, 2009


Had a nightmare this morning,
I saw someone had been killed,
killed by a machine,
and the body,bone and even blood had converted back into water,
and the most horrified me is the killer,
someone who I didn't saw clearly,
was drinking the "water"

it just like a morning call,
wake me up in early morning,
about 6am....
can't continue to sleep after that,
afraid that I will continue to dream that kind of things

I never believe that dream is an indicator,
indicating something is happening,
or about to happen,
but I believe that it reflect thing in my heart,
it is the sin,
sin of laziness,
sin of selfish,
sin of cruelty
or even more....

I think I'm a devil in nature,
and pretend myself as an angel,
when mask have been removed at night,
the true come out, and enjoy...

I think I should change,
change to be a better guy,
improve my own weaknesses, and
try to forgive wrong doing of other,
or those who acts I not agree upon

God bless me...

1 comment:

  1. dont stress too much la....
    too much pressure on yourself
    squeeze yourself into a pulp
    thats why got water

    cheers =)