Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon


Today go Times Square watch “Twilight saga : New moon” with Yang Yang

Well, before that, we go to have a walk at Sg.Wang,

There have “Gundam” exhibition,

Walau, I and Yang Yang stand there watching the Tv,

About Japanese building a large Gundam,

Some of Gundam song + Mv,

For more than half an hour….

Tell the truth, actually sometime I wander why guys love to have some collection,

Jake, Marcus, Junior and even Yang Yang

All have their flavor character and collection,

Is it really so attractive or because guys born in nature like to have some collection??

For me, once have some collection,

But I not like those guys,

I have neither determination nor consistency to collect it….

Haha , all finally become my rubbish and threw into dustbin and said BB to them...

Hm ….. I think I already out of my theme,

(come back come back)

Well, after that, we go to have lunch at KFC, and finally the movie started,

It is a movie about the love between a vampire and a human,

About the friendship between a werewolf and a human,

It is a romance love story….

Hm….. I won’t talk about the story line,

Anyone that interested can go to watch by him/herself,

Hm…what I can say is I prefer “Twilight” than “New Moon”

But overall this movie is ok, I give it 80marks,

What I dislike about this movie is the ending,

Which make me feel so surprise or can consider shock,

I wandering whether the director is newbaby in the industry,

Is not how come he can give us this kind of ending??

Even if he want to follow the story line in the book,

Can’t he make a soft landing for it???

What he had made make me feel like he is in hurry and say :

Bye bye , see you in next episode !!”


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  1. Well, it isn't just about collecting i guess, for me its about the development of my small models. Hey, this collecting stuff is still new to me, i just recently been addicted Marcus only la lol but its because from my part, i collect them because they have a great story behind it. Plus, i have to build them from scratch and it costs a lot which would make it even more precious. On a side note, its not just collection, it can be played also lol. Hopefully this info will help you understand more about why ur bf collects them la hahahahah