Saturday, November 28, 2009

Malacca 1

Come back from Malacca already few day,
busy gaming till forget to update my bloggie

On Sunday (22/11/09)
We, about 20 people,all from BAC went to Malacca,
Initially we planned to start our journey at 2pm.
but because of Junior,
we start late...
**Junior go for facial treatment...

Well, our journey is quite fun...
along the way, we
sing, talk, joke and critic each other,
but what we say and done is actually quite pointless,
just do it for fun and randomness.
**I believe Marcus car is the noisiest...
***but also is the funniest

At Malacca
we stay in a double storey terrace,
that night,
we ate at a "baba & nyonya " style restaurant
(I guess it is)
have a shopping period in Jonker Walk
**I bought 3 pairs of earring....
***coz at there I only realize that I already graduate from secondary school,
and now I'm allowed to wear it...
and then we have Taiwan sausage as our super...
--I had honey flavour...
before we buy it, Kean Hoe say that I should eat super spicy one...
**the super spicy one really "geng",
most of them who choose this flavour can only bit once,
only Marcus can finish it...
***Kean Hoe lip also become sausage, hot and spicy...
after that we play truth or dare,
but pity I, only can stand to play few round,
then "beh tahan" go to sleep at 2am...
they play till 4am something,
some even go out for mamak..

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