Thursday, November 19, 2009

A trip in Klang

17th November 2009

1st time going to Klang,
a place that can consider near to Kl,
but I have never go before.
""pai sei....
(maybe got passed by gua, who know)

a date that is memorable,
since it also indicate that Elaine really grow up,
cause finally I dare to take KTM alone,

Well, the 1st thing coming to mind when I reach Klang is that
"am I reach Seremban" (haha)
It is because the building nearby KTM station
are quite old and look similar to those in Seremban,

1st of all, I went to Rainbow house 1st,
because Chew Theng will only out at 12pm.
hm...I saw her younger bro,
really tall and look mature,
if not because of rainbow had informed me early about her bro,
I will think that guy is her older bro or BF...

At noon, after fetched Chew Theng,
we have our lunch at "Fei Kay"
we ate Bak Kuat Teh,
one is dried and another is wet,
It quite different from KL,
because the dishes contain more vegetables and
the smell and taste of herbal is not as strong as those in KL..
anyway, it really yummy

After our lunch,
we went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi,
Malaysia biggest Jusco,
to watch
Well, what I can say is we being cheated by the ticket seller,
who he told us it is not scary,
I admit that it not as scary as Final destination,
but still, some part of it is horrible....
make Rainbow and I so scare till not really dare to look at the screen

After the movie,
we walk around the shopping complex,
have a while photo taking session
then go to eat ice....
Chew theng and I have ABC,
while Rainbow have cendol... really delicious,
I l o v e i t . .

Well, that all for my trip in Klang...
now waiting for my trip to Melaca...

Rainbow is driving
Chew theng
say cheese
My ktm ticket,
from klang back to Kl central

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