Saturday, November 28, 2009

Malacca 3

This is my final day in Malacca
I wake up like usual at 7am something,
Mei Quin, Soon Guan and few other play poker card whole night,
And they just prepare to sleep..
Well, me alone sit in the living room,
Watching boring MTv till 10 something coz Marcus is wake up…
Thanks God,I finally can free myself from boredom
As Marcus is our “driver”,
When he wake up that means I can go out…
He wake Kean Hoe up and then only we go to eat the mee goreng again…
This time I add egg yolk, “kicap” and vinegar into the mee.
Just like What Marcus told, It taste better…
Not as spicy as it does yesterday…

At noon, we go to eat chicken rice and have some shopping at nearby
then go to Dataran Pahlawan again to fix Nicole watches…
then only we on our way home….

Hm…final day of our trip have nothing much to talk about,
Because it is quite short,
Well, along the way home, like what happen at the beginning,
We talk, joke, sing and critic each other,
But this time, their flavor song is “Gatsby” song,
I can bet you all that I heard it more than 10 times in this single journey,
SWT….. <(@_@)>”’

At night, Marcus, Jake, Kean Hoe, Kimberly and I
Go to midvalley for movie…
**the other very good boys and girls,
They go home early and on time,
Not like 5 of us, after finish our Malacca trip
Still want to loitering at Cinema 1st…
Initially, only Kean hoe and I go to watch The Christmas Carol,
**coz the other want to watch 2012
Which I already watch with Yang Yang,
While Kean Hoe will watch with his friends on the next day….
Finally, Jake join us while
Marcus and Kimberly watch Time Traveller Wife
**coz 2012 tickets already sold out

Well, that all for our day,
Tire but happy…

During this trip,
I become randomness,
And rock....
So in future if I talk quite random,
Sure because of this trip…

And now I have a new name,
During examination ,due to stress,
They call me Slaine…
”S” replace “E’ to indicate stress,
While in this trip,
I’m become Flaine
Where “F” replace “E” to show that we are having fun…
Wandering what other names I’ll get in future…

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