Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday is started

Finally finish my As exam on Wednesday,
although I not really done it well,
But I still happy because holiday is coming.....

Thursday afternoon,
I'm going to sing K with college friends,
got Chew Theng, Junior,Jake,Kim, Michelle.....
**Lee Tat flying aeroplane...( X_X##)
hm...maybe because lacking of people,
atmosphere feel like quite down...
anyway, I still enjoy it,
because I really long time didn't go into K room
but feeling quite guilty, cause I didn't sing well for JJ song
**sorry, JJ
***more picture in Facebook


Chew Theng and I

Friday afternoon,
went to watch 2012 with Yang Yang and Nicole,
1st time watching movie with Nicole lei,
just make it as an celebration with Nicole,
for finishing her As exam on that day
hm.... that movie is quite nice,
quite realistic I felt,
I believe that if we continue our curren act,
which is selfish and inhumanity
that day will comes...
hm....I think I'm thinking too much again,
did I??
Yang Yang
Christmas tree in Lot10
cart in Pavilion
I love Christmas

nothing special for this Saturday compare with last Saturday,
I think the only different is I'm having a holiday mood,
which make me feel happier
even though I doing the same things,
playing game in Facebook,
checking my mail, and play some test..
but I didn't online for too long,
cause It is a bad weather day,
raining few times in the afternoon,
wanna sleep rather than gaming....

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